5 common fears about travel to India

Not all tourists are brave enough to set foot in India because of preconceptions ranging from food safety, culinary culture, to the most common issue of rape.

Jo Stewart is a travel blogger in charge of Intrepid Travel. When she announced that she was going to India, her friends were all excited but full of fear. After the journey to explore the land of the gods, Jo proved to his friends that India is not as dangerous as people think. Here are the confessions of Jo’s friends about India and the true story of female blogger.


“I’m afraid I’ll get diarrhea.”

People are often more curious as to how Jo’s stomach reacted to Indian food than to the beauty of the Taj Mahal. In fact, during his trip, Jo tried local dishes from traditional restaurants to luxury, or sidewalk bars. No one in the crew had a stomach ache in the middle of the road or had emergency diarrhea medication, only one had constipation, Jo didn’t understand why? Of course, Jo’s group used bottled water, but they still tried many foods on the street and no one showed signs of intestinal illness due to eating.

“I scared that India would not be clean.”

Of course, not every country visitors can get used to the sight of the herds of cattle, goats, pigs, camels, horses, and dogs on the road like in India. So the best way is that travelers should abandon all unnecessary comparisons. Jo admitted she was a bit surprised to see locals drinking holy water at the place where thousands of pilgrims had just stepped on bare feet.

However, she also reminded herself not to compare anything with her home town. Because if you keep paying attention to everything based on personal hygiene standards, you will probably miss a lot of interesting things about the culture of the new land. For example, Jo was almost unable to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere when people drank holy water in a Sikh temple in Delhi.

“I don’t want to be the harassment victim”

In recent years, the media has reported a lot of violent crimes against Indian women. The country is in the process of changing the concept of feminism, so Jo believes that should not be the reason why people are hesitant to explore.

It is undeniable that India is a challenging destination for female solo travelers, but these incidents cannot confirm that all Indian men are abusive to women or every woman in the country. are victims of violence, harassment or rape. Once you are aware of your own safety, you should go in a group and female travelers always choose a women’s cabin.

“I don’t think I would suit Indian food”

Indian food is not always hot and spicy. Jo shared that all the dishes she tried were not very spicy, except that she inhaled paprika when going to the spice market in Delhi. Visitors can avoid spicy dishes by staying loyal to curry sauces like dhal, korma, tikka and tandoori, especially away from spicy curries like phaal or vindaloo. If you can not eat spicy, visitors can use chapatti or naan.


“I’m afraid to use a squatting toilet”

On the way from Agra to Delhi in the heat of 45 degrees Celsius, Jo gave up using the usual flush toilet, instead she went to buy an ice cream and ate it right after using the squatting toilet. Jo expressed her point of view that it would not be too great if everyone accepted it instead of taking it seriously.