7 notes you should know when traveling in India (Part 2)

4. Observe carefully on the way when traveling India

Pay attention when traveling on roads in India, travelers should pay attention when traveling because the traffic here is somewhat complicated. The vehicles are often very old, you can hear the engine right next to your ear. Roads are often stuck and chaos occurs.

5. How to eat, sleep and sleep in India?

Depending on the country, the Tourism Authority of that country has a different rating for hotels and so does India. Hotels in India are usually not as beautiful as hotels in Vietnam and there may also be a power outage so visitors should be aware.

Food in India is often very special and smelly. Some visitors may not be able to eat so visitors can bring extra shrimp noodles to eat to fight hunger. But there are a few dishes you should try once because there is no place that has the typical taste like here, typically curry. This dish in every state in India will have different ways of processing and very attractive taste.

6. Security when traveling India

Travelers when traveling India should preserve their belongings carefully. Avoid losing money without knowing why. Identity documents should be kept in a private place, and absolutely should not be shared with your own money. When traveling on a tour, you should follow the group and do not split the group without the permission of the tour guide.

For women, it is necessary to dress discreetly, without attracting attention and disobedience in this country. Ideally, you should wear long clothes to protect yourself. In India you should not show affection in public because Indians think it is an insult.

7. Information about your country’s Embassy in India

In any country, it is essential to remember the correct information of your country’s consulate on your land.

Above are the seven notes you should take notice of when traveling in India. Hope the information is useful for you. Have a fun trip!