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Top 11 Famous Attractive Dishes Of Indian Cuisine (Part 4)

8. Masala tea

Malasa is a tea that has existed for over 5000 years in India and it is extremely popular here. Masala means “spicy”, so the tea taste is slightly spicy, helping the body healthier.

To be able to make a cup of masala tea, you have to go through a relatively sophisticated and somewhat complicated process. First you have to cook the milk in a large pot with added sugar and water to give it a consistency. Then, the tea was added and stirred. In particular, to match its malasa name, people add a lot of crushed ginger to make it spicy.

In India, malasa tea is also preferred over coffee because of its extremely special taste that has a moderate sweetness, scent of tea and warm spicy ginger slices. This is definitely a street drink not to be missed if you have the opportunity to set foot here. Or you can also cook yourself a standard malasa Indian tea at home.

9. Naan – Bread flour

Naan can be considered a traditional dish and indispensable in Indian meals. Naan is often used to eat with savory Indian dishes such as Thali, curry or butter spread or can also fill the inside of the cake.

Naan is easy to make with simple and non-fussy ingredients that are dry flour and yeast. The Indians will mix these two ingredients together to make soft plastic, then they shape into thin, flat cakes and place around the pot and cook.

One reason for Indians to use naan with other dishes is because the bread has a flat taste, in the process of making dough no other spices are added. Therefore, naan is used as a side dish to give the bread a richer flavor.

10. Idli rice cakes

In addition to masala dosa, idli rice cakes are also a hearty breakfast of Indians .

The cake is made from rice flour and lentils . Once these two are mixed, people put in a small mold and steamed. Idli rice cake is ivory-white and soft, often served with sambar and mango chutney .

Idli can be considered a healthy food, because it has a soothing taste and for those who cannot tolerate spicy food, idli will soothe your stomach from the pain of eating hot spicy food.

Now the way to make idli rice cakes is no longer strange, if you want to enjoy delicious idli, roll up your sleeves and go to the kitchen.

11. Modak cake

Modak is a traditional pastry favored by Hindu Ganesh gods , so Indians often use it to worship the gods.

Modak has a white crust made from rice flour or wheat flour mixed with khava or maida flour. The sweet core inside is sauteed coconut with jaggery to create a sweet and smooth feeling without necking extremely attractive. Modak can be fried or steamed very well.

It is also an extremely popular cake and is loved by Indians from the elderly to the young. When you have the opportunity to come to India, you should once enjoy this modak cake or you can also make at home, the taste is definitely not very different.

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Top 11 Famous Attractive Dishes Of Indian Cuisine (Part 3)

6. Gulab Jamun – Fried milk cake

Gulab jamun is a dessert cake of the Indian people, often used for festivals such as birthdays, weddings or Muslim holidays. These are a type of pastry that looks like floating tea balls but they are completely different and the taste is not the same.

Gradually gulab jamun gradually popularized in neighboring countries and South Asia. Recently, gulab jamun has also landed in our country. Cakes have pretty eye-catching and attractive colors.

The Indians make gulab jamun from a paste made from milk and this is a traditional Indian milk, so it is also called fried milk cake . The way to make this cake is also quite simple and easy. Just mix the dough and shape it into balls, then fry it.

Crispy milkshakes after frying will be soaked in sugar water with a bit of rose and some other spices. When enjoying the cake is still crunchy and has a moderate sweetness along with the radiant rose will make you more delicious and rounded.

7. Samosa – fried bread

Samosa is a type of bread with a triangle, semicircular or semicircular shape varies depending on the person molding the cake. And this is a very popular snack in India.

There are many types of samosa but the most popular is the Northern samosa. The cake consists of 2 parts: shell and filling.

Samosa can be either a vegetable or a sweet filling depending on the taste of the person eating. Samosa is often used as a vegetarian dish and served with mint chutney.

Recently, samosa has gradually become popular in countries around the world. Because the cake is not too picky and the ingredients in the cake are suitable for your taste, the cake is also quite popular.

Besides, the samosa crust is actually our familiar pia crust . Potatoes are often the main filling, along with a few other ingredients and spices. After being carefully molded, the bread will be fried in yellow oil and have a nice crispy yellow color.

So it doesn’t matter if you intend to try this dish at home. The way to make samosa is so easy.

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Top 11 Famous Attractive Dishes Of Indian Cuisine (Part 2)

3. Biryani rice

This is a very popular mixed rice dish in India. This rice dish is often  used in family reunion  after afternoons in the mosque.

Biryani rice is served with a variety of meats  such as chicken, beef or lamb and many other vegetables such as basil, dill, coriander, saffron … However, the main ingredient makes the dish attractive. The main food is basmati rice, which is only available in India and is used to cook rice to have the proper consistency and a nice white color.

The biryani cooking process is quite complicated and goes through many stages. From preparing and marinating chicken to cooking rice is quite difficult. Therefore, the dish after finishing brings extremely delicious and attractive taste.

If one day not far from you to visit India, do not forget to try biryani rice.

4. Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is a traditional and very popular dish  of Indians. This dish is quite gentle and warm. In his meals, Indians are always indispensable for this chicken tikka.

This dish often has naan bread to use to add flavor and clarity.

The process of making chicken tikka is also quite complicated  with 2 parts prepared: marinating chicken and the broth . Chicken is marinated with tikka masala and that’s why this dish has this name, in addition most Indians like to eat spicy so they seasoned with chili powder, ginger powder and especially added yogurt without sugar. Increasing the taste of food.

Part sauces are also made from cream, spices and spicy orange powder is made from tomatoes. Chicken and sauces combine together to make the delicious taste of chicken tikka.

5. Josh Rogan

The western region of India has a very famous curry that is  Josh rogan – lamb curry cooked with bright red sauce  .

Mutton marinated with a sauce is a combination of kashmir chili (mirchi kashmiri) and the essence of the crested chicken flower to create a beautiful red color for the dish.

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Top 11 Famous Attractive Dishes Of Indian Cuisine (Part 1)

India is a country in South Asia with a diverse culture. In particular, the cuisine is extremely rich where first time visitors come here can not resist the attraction of it.

The Indian food is not only diverse in ingredients and processing, but also very focused on spices. Discover 11 special dishes of this beautiful Indian country!

1. Indian curry

Whenever mentioning India, we cannot help but mention the special, strange curry  of the people here. Curry is considered to be the national soul in Indian cuisine just like Japanese sushi, just mention the name of who knows where the dish comes from.

Curry has many different types, from vegetables to meats such as pork, beef, chicken, fish, goat,… and each dish has its own unique flavour with different ingredients. So they are like: the vegetables that make Mixed Vegetable Curry and the spices that make the attractive Masala (Baingan Masala) eggplant, chicken dishes like Chicken Curry, Korma medium spicy, may not be spicy or very spicy like Vindaloo, Kadhai is delicious…

Indian curry is quite famous and very popular because of the delicious taste of the dish. Many people also gradually learn how to cook Indian-style curry to be able to feel the delicious taste from there. You can also try the Indian style beef curry  to enjoy at home.

2. Thali

On the table of Indians, it certainly cannot be without Thali – a traditional dish from ancient times. From restaurants to popular restaurants, you can not miss this dish and you will definitely see it often when visiting this country.

Thali is actually a mixed dish consisting of rice, Naan bread , bean curry , potatoes, unsweetened yogurt and a few other ingredients to add flavor to the dish. Thali is placed on a tray with all the ingredients, looking at you will feel very eye-catching and stimulating the taste.

If given the opportunity to come to India, try this traditional dish of them offline.

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Indian culinary culture things you probably didn’t know (Part 2)

Processing something special

The way of cooking makes beauty in Indian culinary culture, how to prepare these dishes is influenced by religion. Chicken, goat, sheep and other major seafood are popular foods in India, like Eastern countries, the Indians also eat rice, but their cooking is much different. Rice is stir-fried with butter or oil and then cooked with water, when near the main, it is added spices such as pepper, cinnamon and served with fish, meat, vegetables…

Văn hóa ẩm thực Ấn Độ những điều có thể bạn chưa biết

The characteristic culture of Indian cuisine is curry, which is known throughout the world when it comes to India. The mystery in the curry dish attracts many devotees who love food. Curry appears in many Indian dishes including chicken curry, egg curry, vegetable curry.

Things you may not know

A characteristic of Indian culinary culture is that eating and drinking, the Indians think that rice is the pearl of heaven, so they must hold it directly to show respect. In addition, Indians believe that the concept of five fingers symbolizes natural elements such as heaven, earth, air, fire and water. So when eating by hand will stimulate the nerves in the hand when eating will be easier to digest, more delicious.

A special feature of Indian culinary culture is the presence of butter in every dish, and the Indians are very active in vegetarianism with the purpose of purifying the spirit from the Buddhist point of view. Today, the trend of vegetarianism in India is for religious purposes and for health protection.

Văn hóa ẩm thực Ấn Độ những điều có thể bạn chưa biết

In addition, Indians also love to eat sweet, because under the influence of religion, India has a tradition of eating sweet. Even here, there is a sugarcane research institute, proving that sugar is very important in Indian culinary culture.

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Indian culinary culture things you probably didn’t know (Part 1)

Unexpected things in Indian culinary culture make you surprised.

India is a country strongly influenced by religion, so Indian culinary culture somewhat fills the flavors of colorful and colorful life. Each dish contains a lot of value, diversity and richness in presentation with colorful main tones that will make many diners surprised and the dishes themselves have a strong attraction to the culinary exploration enthusiast.

Văn hóa ẩm thực Ấn Độ những điều có thể bạn chưa biết

The culinary culture in India varies by region, as a large country possesses special terrain types, so the cuisine here is as diverse as the terrain itself. Experience travel to India you will be completely surprised when the cuisine here has a differentiation between South and North India India. Most of the ingredients for cooking show the national colors, especially the taboos in religion.

A special feature of Indian culinary culture is that the main food ingredients in the meal are rice and flour. Lentils are a unique and popular food here, which can be immediately seen on the table of every Indian family that appears. India is a country that produces lentils and is also the largest consumer of lentils in the world.

The paradise of spices

The culinary characteristic of India must first mention is the seasoning, India produces about 2.5 million tons of spices and exports 200,000 tons per year. This country is praised by the world as a paradise of spices.

Văn hóa ẩm thực Ấn Độ những điều có thể bạn chưa biết

Indian culinary culture is unique in that it is an important ingredient that makes a difference in Indian cuisine. Some spices can be read right away when looking at Indian food such as chilli, mustard, dill leaf, garam masala, cardamom powder, cinnamon leaf, clove, bay leaf, mint leaf , nutmeg, turmeric, curry leaf, ginger, coriander, aurora, saffron. The special thing that cannot be missed is that curry is the typical color of Indian culinary culture. With this curry can be processed many dishes, can be used fresh, can be dried or pureed into flour to mix into dishes.

The special thing about using spices in every dish in India is probably not using independent spices but combining them together into a special mixture. The most difficult is curry, this is a combination of 5 main types: cumin seeds, turmeric, mustard seeds, chili powder. These spices make Indian dishes smell and color, especially it is also effective to cure and enhance the health of Indians.

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Fascinating traditional food you should try when visiting India (Part 2)

Fish head curry

The fish head curry is cooked by simmering the head of the ikan merah (red snapper) with spicy curry juice and some vegetables and tamarind tamarind to create an unmistakable characteristic. Indians also often eat this dish with rice, pappadams (a kind of crunchy rice cake) and pickles. 

Salad of soy yogurt

Soy yogurt salad is a familiar dish in Indian daily meals. This dish is made primarily from soy yogurt mixed with cucumber or with some other vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, onions, pineapples, papaya. In addition, you can add more Aromatic herbs such as coriander, mint or spices like cumin, nutmeg, chili powder depending on the taste and taste of each person.


Vada is a sandwich with mashed potatoes filled with spices typical of India. Vada is considered as a fast food or Indian hamburger. This dish was once only for the poor, but over time, it has become popular everywhere. Vegetarians especially like this dish.

Gulab Jamun custard of India

Gulab Jamun custard is made from a paste made mainly of milk. People shape the dough into balls, then deep fry it. The last fried bread is rolled over syrup. With a little rose water, saffron top and some herbs, the Gulab Jumun will become round.

Josh Rogan

In western India, the most famous curry is Josh rogan. This is a lamb curry cooked with a bright red sauce – the result of a combination of Kashmir (Mirchi kashmiri) peppers and essences extracted from the flowers of the crested chicken.

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a popular dessert, originating from the state of Karnataka in southern India. This cake is made from flour, butter and sugar.

Chicken Tikka masala

Chicken Tikka masala – a traditional and very popular dish of Indians. This dish has a gentle but warm, attractive flavor. Chicken Tikka masala has a sauce made from cream, spicy spices and an orange powder.

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Fascinating traditional food you should try when visiting India (Part 1)

Indian cuisine is varied in terms of ingredients, flavors and cooking methods. Not only that, the Indian cuisine is also characterized by a combination of spices. Let’s explore the great traditional food of India that you should try at least once when visiting the country.

Naan bread

This type of bread is typical of Indians. Naan bread is made from two very basic ingredients, dry flour and yeast, but the processing is quite meticulous, first it is molded into thin pieces and then folded around the pot to bake. Because of its light taste, Naan bread is often eaten with cheese and curry.

Dosa Cake

Dosa is a rice paper made from a mixture of rice flour and black lentils. With the advantages of easy to make, no-fussy ingredients, low price, this cake is popular in any corner of India. Usually, Dosa has no fillings and is served with a number of sauces, mostly spicy curry.

Biriyani Rice

Biriyani is a mixed rice dish usually eaten with chicken or lamb. The main ingredient of this dish is Basmati rice cooked with many different spices like cumin, beans, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, onions, garlic and of course, saffron.


Thali is a traditional dish always on the table and in the menu of shops in India. This is the common name for popular dishes including rice, Naan bread, bean curry, potato curry, unsweetened yogurt and a few other dishes. Thali is contained in trays with many small bowls. The price of this meal ranges from 50 to 150 rupees (equivalent to 1 USD to 3 VND).


This is a very interesting dessert of the people of India. The round loaves are deep fried, crispy, stuffed inside, filled with peas, mashed potatoes and served with sweet and sour tamarind sauce.

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The food in Africa that makes visitors fall in love (Part 2)

Let’s continue the list of the amazing food in Africa that has strongly impressed visitors around the world!

6. Kapenta with corn porridge, Zimbabwe

A pile of fried kapenta is a culinary highlight for many visitors to Zimbabwe. Kapenta, including two small freshwater fishes originating from Lake Tanganyika and Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.

Like many African cuisines, kapenta often comes with a mountain of delicious corn porridge. The fish is stewed with tomatoes, onions, peanuts, and served with greens. Especially, with Kapenta, you have to use corn porridge to feel the appeal of this dish, dipping it into a mixture of fish and spices.

7. Cape breyani, South Africa

Breyani is a typical aromatic dish with ingredients including marinated meat, rice, lentils and some spices combined with fried onions and boiled eggs. A simmering breyani pot is a favorite and is suitable for celebrations or family gatherings.

8. Muamba de Galinha, Angola

This dish is similar to the famous Caldeirada de Peixe (stewed fish dish) that shows the strong influence of Portuguese cuisine on this old colony, and is considered one of Angola’s national food treasures. Also known as chicken muamba, this is a spicy, spicy stew made with palm oil or palm butter, garlic, chili and okra.

Muamba chicken is famous throughout the Congo River area, served with cassava leaves and rice.

9. Zanzibari biryanis and pilaus, Zanzibar

This dish combines fruits combined with meat and seafood, fried rice with cardamom spice, dill and pepper. It all tastes good with kachumbari, a fresh onion and tomato salad.

10. Nyama na irio, Kenya

Nyama na irio is a dish that visitors must definitely try once coming to Kenya. Made from mashed potatoes, peas, beans, corn and onions, this dish is often served with spiced barbecue.

Above are top 10 dishes of Africa that always make the visitors fall in love with. If you have a chance to visit Africa, remember to try the dishes at least once.

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The food in Africa that makes visitors fall in love (Part 1)

Not only possessing a diverse culture, African cuisine also makes visitors admire for its originality.

1. Pap en vleis / Shisa nyama, South Africa

Grilled meat and corn porridge are a favorite combination of many cultures in South Africa.

“Pap en vleis” (literally “corn and porridge”) is a colorful dish of the quintessential combination of starch and casseroles with a little spicy spice.

The dish is often enjoyed with the famous African vegetable, chakalaka. In addition to meat, there are also spicy sausages with a unique flavor combined with corn porridge in many different interesting ways for visitors to eat.

2. Chicken Piri, Mozambique

Mozambique cuisine, a country located on the southeast of the black continent, is a combination of African, Portuguese cuisine, adding Eastern and Arabic flavors, including ingredients such as aromatic spices, piri sauce. Hot piri, coconut sauce, cashews and peanuts. Traditionally, this dish is also served with matapa – cassava leaves cooked in peanut juice.

3. Potjiekos

Potjiekos means a “small pot”. This is a dish prepared outdoors, usually cooked in a three-legged pot.

Potjiekos includes meat, vegetables like carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, starches like rice or potatoes and unique spices. This dish is served with samp and beans, dumplings and steamed bread or baked bread.

4. Jollof rice and Egusi soup, Nigeria

Another dish you should not ignore is Jollof rice dish. With ingredients including rice, chicken, tomatoes, onions, pepper. During gatherings and parties, Jollof rice is often served as an attractive main dish. In addition to Jollof rice, Egusi soup is also a popular dish in Nigeria with the main ingredient being fried bananas and mashed sweet potatoes.

5. Chambo fish with nsima, Malawi

This is a traditional dish with the main ingredient being Chambo fish caught in Lake Malawi. This dish is sold along the lake, often served with french fries and nsima – a porridge similar to the sadza of Zimbabwe or pap of South Africans.