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Fascinating traditional food you should try when visiting India (Part 1)

Indian cuisine is varied in terms of ingredients, flavors and cooking methods. Not only that, the Indian cuisine is also characterized by a combination of spices. Let’s explore the great traditional food of India that you should try at least once when visiting the country.

Naan bread

This type of bread is typical of Indians. Naan bread is made from two very basic ingredients, dry flour and yeast, but the processing is quite meticulous, first it is molded into thin pieces and then folded around the pot to bake. Because of its light taste, Naan bread is often eaten with cheese and curry.

Dosa Cake

Dosa is a rice paper made from a mixture of rice flour and black lentils. With the advantages of easy to make, no-fussy ingredients, low price, this cake is popular in any corner of India. Usually, Dosa has no fillings and is served with a number of sauces, mostly spicy curry.

Biriyani Rice

Biriyani is a mixed rice dish usually eaten with chicken or lamb. The main ingredient of this dish is Basmati rice cooked with many different spices like cumin, beans, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, onions, garlic and of course, saffron.


Thali is a traditional dish always on the table and in the menu of shops in India. This is the common name for popular dishes including rice, Naan bread, bean curry, potato curry, unsweetened yogurt and a few other dishes. Thali is contained in trays with many small bowls. The price of this meal ranges from 50 to 150 rupees (equivalent to 1 USD to 3 VND).


This is a very interesting dessert of the people of India. The round loaves are deep fried, crispy, stuffed inside, filled with peas, mashed potatoes and served with sweet and sour tamarind sauce.