Five travel tips by train in India (Part 1)

Surely you have at least once seen the image of “human forest” on carriages in India, and who knows one day you travel by train in India will be “stuck” like Is that so. This can happen for several days at a time, so it will be difficult for you.

Here are some helpful tips to make travelling by train in India as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Bring a good book!

Take time to look out the window or door of the train. The changing landscape will give you a new perspective and a better understanding of everyday life in India.

If you are the talkative type, you will not lack people to talk to. Finding out more about the companions is how Indians spend their time on these trains. You may find them difficult, but feel free to ask the same question in reverse. Your companions will be happy to care for them and will give you the most compelling answers.

Food and drink

If you have a special diet, bring food with you. Meals are offered on long-distance trains, but they are not delicious. Few choices (usually biryani and thalis) and probably won’t suit your taste. In addition, the quality of food has been quite bad recently. The waitress will come and take orders from the passengers.

If you do not want to eat food on board, you can use alternative food delivery services such as Travel Khana, Mera Food Choice, Rail Restro and Yatra Chef. Indian Railway Authority has also introduced a similar special service on a number of trains.

Food and drink delivery services will also pass through the compartments, mainly sleeping wagons and air-conditioned cars. So take your change to buy food more easily. Food can be purchased on the platform when the train stops, but remember that it is very difficult for any train to stop at the station at meal time.