How to safely self-sufficient travelling in India? (Part 2)

In big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, metro is also a convenient transportation. Each train has a separate car for women. Ladies should use this wagon during rush hour or late at night.

Delayed trains are a daily affair in India, ranging from half an hour to seven hours. The reason is due to traffic chaos or also due to demonstrations (when there are protests, all public transport vehicles are not allowed to operate from 6 am to 6 pm). You should regularly check the train schedule on the electronic board or on the phone app.

If traveling by train, you should book first class ticket (1st class) or second class (2nd class) on A.C. trains This is a high-class ship class, mainly for tourists and natives with well-off economy. The train is quite clean, with air conditioning turned on and handing blankets and pillows to passengers.

It is advisable to arrive at the station 1 hour early to wait for the train because you can hardly find the station staff among the crowds and also to find the train station’s stop because the platform is very wide. In addition, you also need to set the time to get up when you arrive at the station because there is no notice on the train.

When pointing the way, Indians can talk 4-6 times, but still not sure. If accompanied by a “ha” sound, you should not rely too much on that instruction.

In India, there is frequent power outage and street light is not bright enough. If you have ever wandered in the dark on the “land” of cattle and scattered potholes, you will see the usefulness of the flashlight.

Shopping issue

Indians rarely buy whole kilograms, usually they only buy half a kilogram or 250 grams. Therefore, sometimes the price offered by the seller is the price for a half kilogram. You need to ask clearly to avoid confusion.

In any case, everywhere, for all goods and services, you always need to remember: Bargain. Service workers in India often shout very high prices at an acceptable level, sometimes the price goes up five to eight times. If you’ve finished the price and still feel sorry, you can change your mind, just pay a lower price until it is reasonable.

Above are some basic tips you should keep in mind when travelling in India. Hopefully, the information is helpful for you.