India joined Southeast Asian football?

Football fans have been buzzing around an interesting proposal on social media about the possibility of India joining the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) to compete with teams in this region at the AFF Cup 2020.

The Indian team has just attended the King’s Cup 2019 in Thailand under the new coach Igor Stimac. The army of the Croatian coach after losing to Curacao 1-3 in the semi-finals defeated the hosts Thailand 1-0 in the third match.

It was the second time this year that India beat Thailand after a resounding 4-1 victory in the group stage of the Asian Cup 2019. After the King’s Cup 2019 ended, India was recommended by some Southeast Asian fans. joined AFF with the aim of creating more competition in regional competitions. Previously, Australia has officially sent an invitation to join to compete in the AFF Cup 2020.

The proposal of India from South Asia to join AFF has become a hotly debated topic on social networks. In particular, many netizens welcomed the idea, but many fans resolutely opposed it.

Many netizens supported when commenting that after the Australian proposal (which has now been joined to compete at the youth level), the proposal of India to join AFF will create greater competition so it will help Eastern football. South Asia development. Others emphasized that if there were Australia and India, the AFF Cup would become a tournament that attracted greater attention from the Asian community and more quality.

However, some netizens are dissatisfied with the idea because outside of geography, AFF should keep the regional tournament identity. “Respect from ASEAN If you invite another team outside of Southeast Asia, it is no longer called ASEAN“, one netizen wrote.

Another netizen gave a very detailed explanation, emphasizing that it would be difficult for India to be Asian Football Association if you want to leave SAFF (South Asian Football Federation), and said that with a team that is not really strong will be hard to increase competition in the AFF Cup.