Seven things you need to notice when traveling in India (Part 1)

India has always been a country on the list of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world by the legendary Ganges or the eternal mountains.

But you’ve had the opportunity to visit India now? If not then try to visit this country at least once in your life, accompanied by remembering the things after coming to India.

1. Simple luggage

The climate in India is hot and humid, so be prepared for your luggage with some wide-screen and cover-up clothes because it will be very helpful when you attend the events. parties, picnics, or activities organized outside.

lso do not forget the yellow hat and sunscreen, especially do not try to bring cigarettes or cosmetics because they will sometimes be considered contraband and it will take you more time to pass the checkpoint to control that.

One more reason for you to bring simple luggage, that is to be able to easily bring more items, India has quite a lot of things that you will want to buy and take back to your country.

2. Passport

Remember to bring your passport anytime – anywhere, because when you come to India, you will have to present the passport at most places to visit. Also make sure your passport has at least 6 months left before you enter India if you don’t want to be deported. Make sure all matters relating to your passport carefully will only help you.

3. Traffic

In India, during peak hours, traffic is always a nightmare, especially in public transport locations such as train stations, bus stations, etc.

If you want to be moved a distance If you want to use the plane for a long time, it will be convenient for you to travel inland by plane. In addition, be especially careful when traveling alone, security in this country can not guarantee you absolute safety.