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The Indian genius graduated from college at the age of 14

Agastya Jaiswal boy once made the online community buzz for a while thanks to his academic achievements and super ability and officially graduated from university at the age of 14.

Agastya Jaiswal comes from Hyderabad, Telangana State (India). The sentence is a professional journalist majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication of Osmania University. With this achievement, the boy became the youngest person in India to become a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication.

“I am the first male student in India to complete university at the age of 14. My parents are both teachers. With the guidance and support of my parents, I can confidently overcome all challenges and that proves that nothing is impossible. I can type A to Z in just 1.72 seconds, read multiplication to 100 and write with both hands. I am also an inspiring speaker in the world. My dream is to become a doctor so I will continue studying to get a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) ”, the boy shared about some of his dream career and abilities.

Indian boy Agastya Jaiswal recently graduated from Osmania University with a major in Journalism and Mass Communication.

It is known that Agastya Jaiswal since childhood has always been curious and likes to ask questions about everything around. Her parents also constantly encourage their children to learn and answer their questions whenever possible.

From the age of 2, the boy was a speaker and could answer 300 questions, but only 3 years later, this number had increased to 3,000 questions. Early realizing his child’s talent, Agastya Jaiswal’s parents taught him math and language lessons at home. These are also two of Agastya Jaiswal’s favorite subjects.

The boy made everyone stir when he was the first student in Telangana state to pass the 10th grade entrance exam even though he was under 9 years old. Agastya Jaiswal continued to attract attention when she entered the University of St. Mary. Mary’s at Osmania University at 11 years old.

In particular, in addition to studying, the child genius is also a national table tennis player, capable of singing as well as playing the piano.

“She often asks us questions and we will give her back in the most understandable and practical way. We always create a fun atmosphere for children to comfortably learn, then express everything on their own. You also have the ability to write and memorize, too, ”said Bhagyalakshmi, mother of the young prodigy.

When asked about the secret to such a talented parenting, Ashwini Kumar Jaiswal, Agastya’s father, said: “Every child has a unique personality. If parents develop early and pay attention to support their children, they will surely create great things in the field they pursue ”.