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Top 11 Famous Attractive Dishes Of Indian Cuisine (Part 4)

8. Masala tea

Malasa is a tea that has existed for over 5000 years in India and it is extremely popular here. Masala means “spicy”, so the tea taste is slightly spicy, helping the body healthier.

To be able to make a cup of masala tea, you have to go through a relatively sophisticated and somewhat complicated process. First you have to cook the milk in a large pot with added sugar and water to give it a consistency. Then, the tea was added and stirred. In particular, to match its malasa name, people add a lot of crushed ginger to make it spicy.

In India, malasa tea is also preferred over coffee because of its extremely special taste that has a moderate sweetness, scent of tea and warm spicy ginger slices. This is definitely a street drink not to be missed if you have the opportunity to set foot here. Or you can also cook yourself a standard malasa Indian tea at home.

9. Naan – Bread flour

Naan can be considered a traditional dish and indispensable in Indian meals. Naan is often used to eat with savory Indian dishes such as Thali, curry or butter spread or can also fill the inside of the cake.

Naan is easy to make with simple and non-fussy ingredients that are dry flour and yeast. The Indians will mix these two ingredients together to make soft plastic, then they shape into thin, flat cakes and place around the pot and cook.

One reason for Indians to use naan with other dishes is because the bread has a flat taste, in the process of making dough no other spices are added. Therefore, naan is used as a side dish to give the bread a richer flavor.

10. Idli rice cakes

In addition to masala dosa, idli rice cakes are also a hearty breakfast of Indians .

The cake is made from rice flour and lentils . Once these two are mixed, people put in a small mold and steamed. Idli rice cake is ivory-white and soft, often served with sambar and mango chutney .

Idli can be considered a healthy food, because it has a soothing taste and for those who cannot tolerate spicy food, idli will soothe your stomach from the pain of eating hot spicy food.

Now the way to make idli rice cakes is no longer strange, if you want to enjoy delicious idli, roll up your sleeves and go to the kitchen.

11. Modak cake

Modak is a traditional pastry favored by Hindu Ganesh gods , so Indians often use it to worship the gods.

Modak has a white crust made from rice flour or wheat flour mixed with khava or maida flour. The sweet core inside is sauteed coconut with jaggery to create a sweet and smooth feeling without necking extremely attractive. Modak can be fried or steamed very well.

It is also an extremely popular cake and is loved by Indians from the elderly to the young. When you have the opportunity to come to India, you should once enjoy this modak cake or you can also make at home, the taste is definitely not very different.