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Top 11 Famous Attractive Dishes Of Indian Cuisine (Part 1)

India is a country in South Asia with a diverse culture. In particular, the cuisine is extremely rich where first time visitors come here can not resist the attraction of it.

The Indian food is not only diverse in ingredients and processing, but also very focused on spices. Discover 11 special dishes of this beautiful Indian country!

1. Indian curry

Whenever mentioning India, we cannot help but mention the special, strange curry  of the people here. Curry is considered to be the national soul in Indian cuisine just like Japanese sushi, just mention the name of who knows where the dish comes from.

Curry has many different types, from vegetables to meats such as pork, beef, chicken, fish, goat,… and each dish has its own unique flavour with different ingredients. So they are like: the vegetables that make Mixed Vegetable Curry and the spices that make the attractive Masala (Baingan Masala) eggplant, chicken dishes like Chicken Curry, Korma medium spicy, may not be spicy or very spicy like Vindaloo, Kadhai is delicious…

Indian curry is quite famous and very popular because of the delicious taste of the dish. Many people also gradually learn how to cook Indian-style curry to be able to feel the delicious taste from there. You can also try the Indian style beef curry  to enjoy at home.

2. Thali

On the table of Indians, it certainly cannot be without Thali – a traditional dish from ancient times. From restaurants to popular restaurants, you can not miss this dish and you will definitely see it often when visiting this country.

Thali is actually a mixed dish consisting of rice, Naan bread , bean curry , potatoes, unsweetened yogurt and a few other ingredients to add flavor to the dish. Thali is placed on a tray with all the ingredients, looking at you will feel very eye-catching and stimulating the taste.

If given the opportunity to come to India, try this traditional dish of them offline.


5 common fears about travel to India

Not all tourists are brave enough to set foot in India because of preconceptions ranging from food safety, culinary culture, to the most common issue of rape.

Jo Stewart is a travel blogger in charge of Intrepid Travel. When she announced that she was going to India, her friends were all excited but full of fear. After the journey to explore the land of the gods, Jo proved to his friends that India is not as dangerous as people think. Here are the confessions of Jo’s friends about India and the true story of female blogger.


“I’m afraid I’ll get diarrhea.”

People are often more curious as to how Jo’s stomach reacted to Indian food than to the beauty of the Taj Mahal. In fact, during his trip, Jo tried local dishes from traditional restaurants to luxury, or sidewalk bars. No one in the crew had a stomach ache in the middle of the road or had emergency diarrhea medication, only one had constipation, Jo didn’t understand why? Of course, Jo’s group used bottled water, but they still tried many foods on the street and no one showed signs of intestinal illness due to eating.

“I scared that India would not be clean.”

Of course, not every country visitors can get used to the sight of the herds of cattle, goats, pigs, camels, horses, and dogs on the road like in India. So the best way is that travelers should abandon all unnecessary comparisons. Jo admitted she was a bit surprised to see locals drinking holy water at the place where thousands of pilgrims had just stepped on bare feet.

However, she also reminded herself not to compare anything with her home town. Because if you keep paying attention to everything based on personal hygiene standards, you will probably miss a lot of interesting things about the culture of the new land. For example, Jo was almost unable to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere when people drank holy water in a Sikh temple in Delhi.

“I don’t want to be the harassment victim”

In recent years, the media has reported a lot of violent crimes against Indian women. The country is in the process of changing the concept of feminism, so Jo believes that should not be the reason why people are hesitant to explore.

It is undeniable that India is a challenging destination for female solo travelers, but these incidents cannot confirm that all Indian men are abusive to women or every woman in the country. are victims of violence, harassment or rape. Once you are aware of your own safety, you should go in a group and female travelers always choose a women’s cabin.

“I don’t think I would suit Indian food”

Indian food is not always hot and spicy. Jo shared that all the dishes she tried were not very spicy, except that she inhaled paprika when going to the spice market in Delhi. Visitors can avoid spicy dishes by staying loyal to curry sauces like dhal, korma, tikka and tandoori, especially away from spicy curries like phaal or vindaloo. If you can not eat spicy, visitors can use chapatti or naan.


“I’m afraid to use a squatting toilet”

On the way from Agra to Delhi in the heat of 45 degrees Celsius, Jo gave up using the usual flush toilet, instead she went to buy an ice cream and ate it right after using the squatting toilet. Jo expressed her point of view that it would not be too great if everyone accepted it instead of taking it seriously.


Things to keep in mind when traveling in India (Part 2)

Safety attention

Traveling to India, travelers need to pay attention to travel because the traffic here is quite complex. In addition, visitors should also keep personal belongings and identification documents carefully. It is advisable to keep identification documents in a private place and should not be shared with your money.

When traveling with a tour, you should follow the group and do not split the group without the permission of the tour guide. In India, in particular, you should not show affection in public because the Indians think it is an insult.

Bargain when buying things

In India there are all kinds of items from crafts, jewelry, gems, etc. to souvenirs, clothes. If you intend to buy as gifts, visitors also need to know about bargaining here.

You should pay the pseudocode lower and higher, if it is too high then leave, so you will most likely be invited to return. In addition, you need to prepare small change because the money can be rounded and the real loss is still the buyer. In particular, if you do not intend to buy, definitely because the customers here are very popular.

Beware of scams

In addition to often attracting tourists, in many places in India there is still the problem of fraud. When you realize that someone has an intimate attitude, intentionally approach to take you to the money exchange, booking, hotel, beware of scams. There were many people who had previously paid the package fee for the tour, but it was not and visitors had to accept to lose money.

What to buy as a gift when traveling India

In India, there are many interesting cuisines you can buy as gifts for family and relatives such as Kashmir towels, traditional Flip Flops sandals, spices, Ganesha idols, bodhi leaves, wood products. sandalwood, bracelets, jewelry, tea, etc. You can buy at shopping places like Delhi Baba Kharak Singh Marg Market, Aparant Market or major shopping centers such as Chennai, Calcuttabad, Bangalore.


Things to keep in mind when traveling in India (Part 1)

Pay attention when communicating with native speakers

When communicating with Indians, if you see them shaking their heads at your offer, don’t rush to think that they refuse. Here, people expressed their agreement by shaking their heads instead of nodding like other countries.

For Indians, the body parts are hierarchical, with the highest being the head and the lowest being the legs. If you go into someone’s house, you have to leave your shoes outside and not step on anything because Indians think the foot is the dirtiest thing. If you meet older people in your home, bow and touch their feet to show respect.

If you’re invited to dine, remember the rules of hand-feeding. You can only use your right hand to eat, and not use your left hand when eating or giving something to others. Because Indians think the right hand is a show of right and right things, and the left hand is a symbol of wrongness and elimination.

Also, it’s normal to stare at someone in India. They are often curious and staring at tourists to observe. So, if you come here and catch a glimpse from them, make sure you smile and get a friendly smile.

Besides, some of the actions considered rude here are pointing at others, whistling in public, not leaving your wallet in your back pocket, not introducing yourself to women walking on the road …

Cuisine in India

Food in India is quite specific and smelly. For first-time visitors, you may not be able to eat or have a digestive disorder. However, visitors should also try a few typical dishes because there is no place that has a typical taste like here, typically curry. This dish in every state in India will have different ways of processing and taste very attractive.


Seven things you need to notice when traveling in India (Part 2)

India is a vast country with many different religions and cultures. To travel to India, travelers need to note a few things below for a safe and complete trip.

4. Food

If you have not been to India, it is hard to enjoy Indian food no matter how elaborate it is. Suppose you eat Indian curry at a restaurant in the US, it will be completely different than when you eat in India itself, because there are many different states in this country, and each state has its own flavor. The taste of the food is different but nothing like it.

5. Medicine

Especially digestive medicine, remember to give it a place in your luggage heap. When you come to another country, you can not get used to the cuisine of that place so if there is a digestive problem, it is a very normal thing.

In India, do not drink tea in toad bars, remove the skins of any fruit you want to eat and if you like to learn about street food, try to enjoy the food that they are. Processing right in front of you.

6. Select location

India possesses many wonders as well as famous tourist areas, so please choose for yourself a list of places and the most reasonable travel schedule to be able to fully enjoy the trip. Should not be greedy but go to many places and ultimately nothing is complete to the end.

7. Dressing

When traveling to India, travelers should choose to wear discreet, polite costumes, avoid wearing short, revealing or tight clothing.

Since March to May is the summer in India, many places have daily temperatures ranging from 40 degrees C to 45 degrees C. Long pants and towels are costumes to help you avoid the sun. In addition, visitors should remember to remove shoes, remove when visiting temples, pagodas in India.

African Food

Fascinating traditional food you should try when visiting India (Part 2)

Fish head curry

The fish head curry is cooked by simmering the head of the ikan merah (red snapper) with spicy curry juice and some vegetables and tamarind tamarind to create an unmistakable characteristic. Indians also often eat this dish with rice, pappadams (a kind of crunchy rice cake) and pickles. 

Salad of soy yogurt

Soy yogurt salad is a familiar dish in Indian daily meals. This dish is made primarily from soy yogurt mixed with cucumber or with some other vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, onions, pineapples, papaya. In addition, you can add more Aromatic herbs such as coriander, mint or spices like cumin, nutmeg, chili powder depending on the taste and taste of each person.


Vada is a sandwich with mashed potatoes filled with spices typical of India. Vada is considered as a fast food or Indian hamburger. This dish was once only for the poor, but over time, it has become popular everywhere. Vegetarians especially like this dish.

Gulab Jamun custard of India

Gulab Jamun custard is made from a paste made mainly of milk. People shape the dough into balls, then deep fry it. The last fried bread is rolled over syrup. With a little rose water, saffron top and some herbs, the Gulab Jumun will become round.

Josh Rogan

In western India, the most famous curry is Josh rogan. This is a lamb curry cooked with a bright red sauce – the result of a combination of Kashmir (Mirchi kashmiri) peppers and essences extracted from the flowers of the crested chicken.

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a popular dessert, originating from the state of Karnataka in southern India. This cake is made from flour, butter and sugar.

Chicken Tikka masala

Chicken Tikka masala – a traditional and very popular dish of Indians. This dish has a gentle but warm, attractive flavor. Chicken Tikka masala has a sauce made from cream, spicy spices and an orange powder.

African Food

The food in Africa that makes visitors fall in love (Part 1)

Not only possessing a diverse culture, African cuisine also makes visitors admire for its originality.

1. Pap en vleis / Shisa nyama, South Africa

Grilled meat and corn porridge are a favorite combination of many cultures in South Africa.

“Pap en vleis” (literally “corn and porridge”) is a colorful dish of the quintessential combination of starch and casseroles with a little spicy spice.

The dish is often enjoyed with the famous African vegetable, chakalaka. In addition to meat, there are also spicy sausages with a unique flavor combined with corn porridge in many different interesting ways for visitors to eat.

2. Chicken Piri, Mozambique

Mozambique cuisine, a country located on the southeast of the black continent, is a combination of African, Portuguese cuisine, adding Eastern and Arabic flavors, including ingredients such as aromatic spices, piri sauce. Hot piri, coconut sauce, cashews and peanuts. Traditionally, this dish is also served with matapa – cassava leaves cooked in peanut juice.

3. Potjiekos

Potjiekos means a “small pot”. This is a dish prepared outdoors, usually cooked in a three-legged pot.

Potjiekos includes meat, vegetables like carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, starches like rice or potatoes and unique spices. This dish is served with samp and beans, dumplings and steamed bread or baked bread.

4. Jollof rice and Egusi soup, Nigeria

Another dish you should not ignore is Jollof rice dish. With ingredients including rice, chicken, tomatoes, onions, pepper. During gatherings and parties, Jollof rice is often served as an attractive main dish. In addition to Jollof rice, Egusi soup is also a popular dish in Nigeria with the main ingredient being fried bananas and mashed sweet potatoes.

5. Chambo fish with nsima, Malawi

This is a traditional dish with the main ingredient being Chambo fish caught in Lake Malawi. This dish is sold along the lake, often served with french fries and nsima – a porridge similar to the sadza of Zimbabwe or pap of South Africans.