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PUBG Moblie will release back to the Indian market in the near future

Two months after PUBG Mobile was banned in India due to its association with Tencent in China.

A modified version of the PUBG mobile game will be rolled out in this country. PUBG developer announced on Thursday that they plan to launch a new PUBG Mobile game in India,

Banned as the top-grossing game in India

At the time of the ban, it was the most downloaded game in India and the highest-grossing video game with around 50 million users. This game, according to the announcement, will feature some “custom made for Indian gamers.” Characters will start dressing completely (old version of PUBG Moblie shows players starting to wear basic white underwear).

The game will also be explicitly recommended “simulated virtual training ground”, not in real life. Therefore, effects hit by green bullets will replace the red blood shot out. There will also be a limit on how much time players can use the game to promote healthy gaming habits for young players. The company said in its statement it was first made available to popular streamers and content creators.

The old problems causing banned games have been resolved

Interestingly, these changes will closely resemble those made in the Chinese version of the mobile game developed by Tencent. The company withdrew PUBG mobile from the Chinese market in September 2019. After failing to secure a government license to monetize the game. The game has been replaced with a game with an anti-terrorism theme called “Game for Peace”. The game ditched the chaotic Battle Royale environment in favor of a less threatening military training simulation with the PLAAF. The game only allows users 16 years of age and older and limits playtime for those under 18 to two hours. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace has a blood-free feature. And the opponent does not “die” when he is defeated; rather, they waved goodbye before disappearing.

One of the main reasons that the Indian government put in place for the ban on PUBG mobile is its association with China. After that, the developer said they received many complaints from various sources. Includes several reports of misuse of some mobile applications to steal and surreptitiously transmit user data in an unauthorized manner to servers located outside India.

In an attempt to adhere to the revised rules – PUBG Corporation, based in South Korea. They announced they had severed ties with Tencent, the developer of the mobile version of the game. They also announced that they will localize the development and data storage for PUBG mobile. Earlier this month, PUBG Mobile was also announced that PUBG Mobile will be hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Though it remains to be seen whether the Indian government will approve the latest version of the game. And indeed the official announcement of its release date is still unknown. But PUBG Corporation further announced that. If accepted by the Indian government they will invest about $ 100 million in this lucrative market.