The paradise resorts to visit in South India

The Lakshadweep Islands are located in South India, including 36 main islands, coral reefs, atolls between clear blue water and pristine white sand. This place is really a beautiful pearl of the Arabian Sea.

Lakshadweep Islands are surrounded by beautiful and wonderful beaches with fine white sand, long stretches, clear water and blue will be “paradise” for your vacation. Especially, the Maldives island nation, which is famous worldwide, is also one of the “islets” of the Lakshadweep Islands.

The mysterious history is still unexplored

Lakshadweep, formerly known as the Laccadive, Minicoy, and Aminidivi Islands, is an island cluster in the Laccadive Sea, 200 to 440 km from the continental southwest Indian coast. The name Lakshadweep comes from the Lakshadweepa, meaning “one hundred thousand islands” in Sanskrit.

This cluster of islands constitutes the smallest federal territory in India, with a total area of ​​only 32 km2. Lakshadweep is the northern part of the Lakshadweep-Maldives-Chagos Islands chain, which is also the summit of an underwater mountain range, called the Chagos-Laccadive Mountains.

Islam was founded in this area when Muslim missionaries arrived around the 7th century. During the Middle Ages, the area was ruled by the Chola dynasty and the Kingdom of Cannanore. Portuguese Catholics arrived around 1498 but were deported in 1545. The area was later ruled by Arakkal Muslims, followed by Tipu Sultan. He died in 1799, and most of the region was transferred to Britain with their departure. In 1956, the Union Territory was established.

The ecology is diverse and abundant

The Lakshadweep Islands form a terrestrial ecoregion. It has more than 600 species of sea fish, 78 species of coral, 82 species of seaweed, 52 species of crab, 2 species of lobster, 48 species of stomach, 12 species of bivalve shell, 101 species of birds. It is one of four reef areas in India. The vivid, colorful coral reefs that create an underwater world are a major attraction for tourists.

Pitti Island, is an important breeding ground for sea turtles and a number of vertebrate birds. The island has been recognized as an Indian bird sanctuary.

The diversity of marine mammals outside the Lakshadweep Islands and in the surrounding areas is higher than in other areas. They include many different species of whales (pygmy blue, Bryde’s, sperm), smaller mammals (such as orca, pilot whale) and dolphins.

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