Things to keep in mind when traveling in India (Part 2)

Safety attention

Traveling to India, travelers need to pay attention to travel because the traffic here is quite complex. In addition, visitors should also keep personal belongings and identification documents carefully. It is advisable to keep identification documents in a private place and should not be shared with your money.

When traveling with a tour, you should follow the group and do not split the group without the permission of the tour guide. In India, in particular, you should not show affection in public because the Indians think it is an insult.

Bargain when buying things

In India there are all kinds of items from crafts, jewelry, gems, etc. to souvenirs, clothes. If you intend to buy as gifts, visitors also need to know about bargaining here.

You should pay the pseudocode lower and higher, if it is too high then leave, so you will most likely be invited to return. In addition, you need to prepare small change because the money can be rounded and the real loss is still the buyer. In particular, if you do not intend to buy, definitely because the customers here are very popular.

Beware of scams

In addition to often attracting tourists, in many places in India there is still the problem of fraud. When you realize that someone has an intimate attitude, intentionally approach to take you to the money exchange, booking, hotel, beware of scams. There were many people who had previously paid the package fee for the tour, but it was not and visitors had to accept to lose money.

What to buy as a gift when traveling India

In India, there are many interesting cuisines you can buy as gifts for family and relatives such as Kashmir towels, traditional Flip Flops sandals, spices, Ganesha idols, bodhi leaves, wood products. sandalwood, bracelets, jewelry, tea, etc. You can buy at shopping places like Delhi Baba Kharak Singh Marg Market, Aparant Market or major shopping centers such as Chennai, Calcuttabad, Bangalore.